Clinical trial evaluation for the Early Benefit Assessment

Due to specific requirements of the G-BA and IQWiG, it is often necessary to perform a reanalysis of clinical trials or part of clinical trials. Ecker + Ecker can revert to an extensive AMNOG expertise here.

Ecker + Ecker services comprise:

  • Reanalysis of clinical trials according to the G-BA and IQWIG requirements
  • Recalculation of subgroups
  • Calculation of additional benefit
  • Calculation of indirect comparisons, (IPD-) meta-analyses, sensitivity analyses, matching-adjusted indirect comparisons (MAIC)
  • Compiling all results for dossier submission


Analyses are carried out using SAS and R and always take into account the requirements of the G-BA (Rules of Procedure and module template) and IQWiG methods paper.


Please contact

Dr. Christof Ecker
Tel. +49 (40) 41 33 081-13
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