The focus of Ecker + Ecker is on health care questions of the German market.

In this area, Ecker + Ecker provides comprehensive support for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics.

Market Access

  • What are the market access hurdles for my product?
  • How does benefit assessment according to AMNOG impact market access in Germany?
  • Who are key stakeholders on national and regional level? How do you approach them? How do you communicate?
  • How can success in market access be measured?

Benefit Assessment (AMNOG)

  • What are the components of a successful strategy?
  • What do we need apart from a good dossier?
  • How can you negotiate successfully?

AMNOG price negotiations

  • What are typical rebates under AMNOG?
  • How does price negotation in Germany influence the international launch sequence?
  • Which reimbursement hurdles do exist apart from AMNOG?

European Health Technology Assessment (EU-HTA)

  • What does a successful European HTA strategy look like?
  • What is the impact of an EU consultation on the German dossier strategy?
  • How can the evidence available be presented in an optimal way?

Pathways to reimbursement for medical devices

  • Which is the right pathway to the reimbursement of my product?
  • How do I prepare the application for testing?
  • How can my product be mapped in a remuneration catalogue?

Reimbursement of digital health applications (DiGA)

  • Is my DiGA potentially reimbursable by statutory health insurance?
  • What are the related preconditions?
  • How can you successfully negotiate the reimbursement price?

Reference Pricing for Pharmaceuticals

  • What reference price do we have to expect?
  • How to influence reference pricing and reference price level?
  • Is a hearing procedure worthwhile?

Indirect Comparisons and Meta-Analyses

  • How can indirect comparisons enhance my product's evidence?
  • How should an indirect comparison for the German benefit assessment be designed?

Clinical Trial Evaluation for the German Benefit Assessment

  • How can you optimally edit the trial data?
  • Which additional analyses are necessary and helpful?
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