European Health Technology Assessment

European Health Technology Assessment is currently in the phase of implementation and is tested in pilot procedures of the EUnetHTA21. Ecker + Ecker provides strategic consulting and support in EU consultation and EU dossier preparation.


  • Monitoring of European pilot procedures and comparison with the benefit assessment procedures in Germany
  • Support in the planning of studies
  • Lifecycle strategy (post launch evidence generation; PLEG)
  • Support in the reconciliation of German and European strategy
  • Organisation of advisory boards

EU consultation

  • Comparison of projected or available clinical evidence with German HTA requirements
  • Strategy development for the consultation considering the requirements of other European countries
  • Preparation of the briefing document for EU consultation
  • Preparation for EU consultation (training, Q&A)
  • Follow-up of EU consultation (deduction of implications for German benefit assessment)

EU dossier

  • Medical Writing of the EU dossier (Evidence Submission File)
  • Processing of study results considering the requirements of Evidence Submission Files and EUnetHTA guidelines
  • Study search and assessment
  • Study evaluation (SAS)
  • Indirect comparisons and meta analyses

Please contact

Dr. Thomas Ecker
Tel. +49 (40) 41 33 081-10
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